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Hi, I’m Amy

I started my career in Eyelash Extensions more than 7 years ago and sharing my knowledge for over 5 years.

I have been lucky enough to provide training to aspiring lash artists that can travel to my training centre and am happy to now be able to share my knowledge and training to those that want to learn online.

I am passionate about this industry and my aim is to provide quality training for those that care about the way eyelash extensions look and feel.

Providing quality education is really important to me, you can check out the courses I offer below and see the course curriculum.

Want to know more before embarking on training?

Enrol to my FREE mini course "4 Free Eyelash Extension Training Tips that could change your life"

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"This training allowed me to practice around my full time job and I learnt how to create really natural sets that my clients love"

- Lisa Choi

Have you been looking for a new career path ?

Are you already in the beauty industry and it's time to uplevel your skills & offer your clients something more ?

You've researched training and now you're ready to take the next step

Beautifeyes Education is a training school for the application of Eyelash Extensions.

You will learn all about the natural eyelashes & products you'll need & the importance of perfect application.

After this course, you will know how to effectively apply Eyelash Extensions to create stunning lash sets for your clients to build your new business.

If you're still in the research stage, don't stress, that's why I created a Free mini course so you can check it out before progressing into a full course